Hydraulic tools

AVA Hydrosystems offers hydraulic jacks and tools for different applications.

Universal and special jacks up to 5000kN are supplied to bridge and construction builders, railway depots and other customers.

A range of riveting equipment is developed for railway carriage and wagon manufacturers. C-frame presses up to 630kN are designed for cold and hot riveting.

Multipurpose presses with changeable tools and rigging, manufactured by our company, are used by service companies and mechanical workshops.

AVA Hydrosystems produces hydraulic stone splitters for mining industry, rescue equipment, tendon jacking equipment for pre-stressed concrete product manufacturers and other special hydraulic tools.

The tools can be supplied with power packs with an electric, petrol or diesel engine. Hydraulic or electric control is possible according to customer's request. High pressure hydraulic hoses and quick release couplings (QRC) are optional.