Power units

Power units for different applications are manufactured by AVA Hydrosystems as a serial product or customized to meet special requirements of our customers.

Power unit's pump drive can be equipped with an electric, diesel, gasoline or pneumatic engine.

Control system design varies from simple manual control to complicated relay and proportional circuits with high automation level, providing solutions for different applications, environments and working conditions.

Depending on application, the power units can serve from one to some tens hydraulic consumers (hydraulic motors, cylinders and other hydraulic actuators). All the channels can be independent or correlated according to working cycles.

The power units are produced up to 250kW, ranged by their tank volume from 5 to 8000 liters, can provide working pressure from 1.5 bars to 1000 bars and pump flow from 0.2 to 800 liters per minute.

Working media is mineral hydraulic, special or eco-friendly biodegradable oils.

Oil/air, oil/water or oil/refrigerant cooling is available.

Environmental working temperature is from -40 to +40°C.

Compact power packs LG100

LG100 are universal compact power packs for applications where mobility is important (rescue equipment, construction, repair works etc.).

AVA Hydrosystems produces jacks and hydraulic tools, which can be equipped with LG100.

Depending on working conditions electric, gasoline, or pneumatic engine can be installed in LG100 pump drive.

   Advantages of LG100

1. Built-in or remote control panel makes it possible to control up to 4 independent hydraulic consumers.

2. Welded frames, which make carrying and transportation easy.

   Technical data

Work pressure (nominal), MPa 50

Power supply, kW 1.1; 2.2; 4.0

Tank volume, l 20 or 40

Flow, l/min 1.0; 2.6; 5.0

Weight,kg 60-85

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