No-dig hydraulic machines

The no-dig machines are used, when traditional construction activity is unacceptable. For example, open cut excavation technology has well-known limitations in highly urbanized areas.

Many kilometers of water pipes are installed or replaced in historical and industrial regions of Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian cities with no-dig hydraulic machines manufactured by AVA Hydrosystems.

AVA Hydrosystems produces machines for pipe installation and bursting by pilot bar methods, pipe jacking and force boosters for horizontal directional drilling machines (HHD).

We offer solution for pit or well use. The significant advantage of the well machines is modular design. They can be assembled and disassembled inside of standard wells or in other narrow places.

Tool sets include reamers and pipe destroyers, spare knives, thread adapters, symmetric and steering heads with angled tips.

PDF: No-dig hydraulic machines and equipment design and production.