Machine-tool building

The backbone of our project team are engineers, specialized in machine-tool building. Their experience allows us to follow all the specific requirements of the machine-tool design.

The principal task to be solved is precision position and force control.

Our specialists also take into account significant function multiplicity, mutual influence of different subsystems and their functional independence at the same time, wide range of drive capacities, high automation level and other basic features of machine-tool design.

We offer solutions for all the hydraulic subsystems typical for the machine-tools:
- weight compensation;
- hydrostatic bearings and guides;
- coordinate movement;
- clearance compensation;
- clamping;
- lubricating, cooling, filtration and other.

Friction welding machine

Friction welding machine MST 7501 for cylindrical workpieces up to 140 mm was produced by our company in 2012.

It is horizontal design, allowing welding of long-length items, for example, drilling pipes up to 12 m.

The machine is designed on a base of high torque low speed motor, which provides maximal spindle speed 700 rpm. Press function is realized by two parallel hydraulic cylinders, providing forging force up to 750 kN.

High performance, up to 1 welding per minute, is achieved by CNC control.

Control program performs: selection of welding parameters, depending on workpiece size and material, welding and weld bead finish cutting.

Vertical turning lathes

In 2000, the first hydraulic system for a vertical turning center (VTC) was produced by AVA Hydrosystems and exported to a Chinese customer.

Our engineers developed a hydrostatic bearing system for workpiece up to 510 t. Oil film thickness was up to 150 µm.

The VTC was equipped with hydraulic system of clamping drives, lubricating and cooling, accumulator emergency stop and many other systems.

The VTC allows to process workpiece outer diameter up to 20m. Maximal rotary table speed is 14rpm.

In 2012, we developed a hydrostatic bearing system of a rotary table for a Canadian vertical turning lathe manufacturer.

The rotary table had diameter 3600 mm and rotational speed up to 80rpm.

The hydrostatic bearing was calculated for maximal workpiece weight 80t. Each of 12 bearing pads was fed by a separate gear pump. The rotary table was equipped with hydraulic emergency stop systems.

Heavy-Duty Horizontal Boring Mills

Our company has developed a package of hydraulic equipment for heavy-duty horizontal boring machines (HBM):

- patented hydraulic headstock balancing;
- hydrostatic guides;
- robot tool changer and satellite-table drives;
- spindle bearing preload control;
- clearance compensation and clamping;
- thermal control, lubrication, filtration and other systems.

Our time-proved system solutions accumulate experience of many realized projects. Thousands of heavy-duty horizontal boring machines, produced by Sverdlov machine-tool corporation and exported all around the world, have been equipped with hydraulic systems, created by our engineers.