In 2012, after years of successful cooperation, AVA Hydrosystems and Poclain Hydraulics entered a new market. Today, AVA Hydrosystems offers projects of hydraulic systems for dredgers to technical ship yards. Our complete solution includes subsystems of cutter and winch drives, locking cylinders and windlass drives of dredger's position control system and auxiliary hydraulic equipment.

The first dredger, equipped with our hydraulic system, was built in Russia for export to Ukraine in summer of 2012. AVA Hydrosystems has developed and produced the cutter drive system based on Poclain Hydraulics' low speed motor MS83. Poclain Hydraulics has also supplied the main pump and electronic controls. The system is closed loop, realized as a direct hydraulic drive (without gearbox). Cutter speed is up to 35 rpm and torque is up to 47 kNm, cutter diameter is about 2.5 m.

The second dredger is in production, and several new systems are in design stage.