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AVA Hydrosystems Co is a hydraulic system integrator and a stocking distributor of hydraulic components.


AVA Hydrosystems delivers complete engineering solutions from concept development to production and aftersales support to a variety of markets:

- presses;
- mining;
- machine tool;
- woodworking;
- pulp & paper;
- metallurgy.

We develop complex hydraulic machines and solutions. Besides hydraulic system, mechanical units and metal constructions, electric equipment, automatic control, lubricant-cooling systems should be taken into consideration by system integrator. Different studies, from simple calculations to complex research (R&D), are often required and carried out while designing.

To solve listed tasks, there is a company AVA Engineering on board of AVA Hydrosystems group, which is our own design base. Our engineers create projects for AVA Hydrosystems as well as for other companies.

Our project teams combine efforts with specialists of leading hydraulic manufactures to develop superior complex solutions for Russian customers and worldwide. AVA Hydrosystems is an authorized project company of EATON Technologies GmbH, project and service partner of Poclain Hydraulics s.r.o.

We are ready to meet challenge of system integration as a partner for companies, operating or entering Russian market.



AVA Hydrosystems is a hydraulic system manufacturer.
Our production, located in Saint-Petersburg, includes metal-working, welding, painting, assembly workshops, warehouses and quality control.

Our assembly area makes it possible to produce large-size or heavy hydraulic equipment as container power units, big cylinders for bridge spans and water gates, crane loaders, no-dig machines and so on.

Our product capabilities allow us to produce industrial and mobile hydraulic top quality equipment.

Our production is equipped with CNC machines. We produce different customized components: special rods, pistons and other cylinder parts, manifolds, etc.

Hydraulic reservoirs and metal frames are designed and produced by our company.

AVA Hydrosystems' quality control department is equipped with test benches for pumps and motors, valves, high pressure hoses, hydraulic cylinders and pump units up to 250 kW.

AVA Hydrosystems is an ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Certified Company.

AVA Hydrosystems exports its products to the CIS countries, Germany, China, India, Latin America, Canada, etc.



AVA Hydrosystems is the full range supplier of components for hydraulic system manufacturers. We offer pumps and motors, hydraulic accumulators, filters, high pressure hydraulic hoses and pipelines, quick couplings, fittings, tanks and tank accessories, cylinder tubes and rods, hydraulic valves and cylinders, hydraulic and electric controls, measuring and test equipment. The most of these items can be shipped to customers from our stock in Saint- Petersburg.

AVA Hydrosystems supplies hydraulic system parts, matches alternative components and replaces obsolete hydraulic items for the companies, carrying out renovation of their production.

AVA Hydrosystems is an authorized distributor of EATON (Internormen), R+L HYDRAULICS, ATOS, Wandfluh, Marzocchi, Thermal Transfer Products, Bucher hydraulics, Hänchen, Goizper Industrial, HaVel, Rotary Power, Brevini fluid power, EPE italiana. Our company has close relationships with Parker Hannifin and Poclain Hydraulics.